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Cloudsdale Reunion - Chapter 13
Cloudsdale Reunion
Chapter 13
'Operation Storm Breaker' (Part 1)
* * *
Rainbow landed next to Spitfire, who was monitoring the progress of a nearby
Weather pony group, currently bucking a row of rain clouds.
"All safe houses are intact, minus a broken window on one, but they patched it up,
sort of. At least as much as they could, using an old table." She said as her hooves
set down on the ground. "How are things here?"
"So far it's going relatively good. This group is, as you can see, taking care of
those rainers. All other groups are spread out around Cloudsdale to work the
clean-up from as many points as possible. Now, I have a new job for you.
I sent some ponies down to the ground, to fix a few things in the village.
They'll be back any minute now, and once they return, I want you to go with them
around Cloudsdale and give each group leader a little... gift."
"Sure, but what's the gift?"
"Radio headsets. So we can keep i
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Sunless Pony by TP-Night Sunless Pony :icontp-night:TP-Night 5 11 I did it for the Badge. by TP-Night I did it for the Badge. :icontp-night:TP-Night 2 23 ''Feline O'neil'' Recolor Project, Vivid Version by TP-Night ''Feline O'neil'' Recolor Project, Vivid Version :icontp-night:TP-Night 3 6
Cloudsdale Reunion - Chapter 12
Cloudsdale Reunion
Chapter 12
Prelude To 'Operation Storm Breaker'
* * *
On the upside, the factory suddenly went black. All machinery stopped,
and all lights went dark. Factory workers were prepared, and immediately
started flashlights, head-lamps, lighted candles, shook life into some glow-crystals.
(invented and provided by a group of unicorns in Canterlot,
who came up with a spell to bind glow-enchantments in gemstones, to be used as lamps.
simply shake to 'activate', and shake again to 'deactivate'. No external magic required, thus they can be used by anyone,
not just unicorns. All required magic is already embedded into the gem itself when produced, meaning only unicorns can make them,
but any non-unicorns can use them once they're made.
Now available for sale in most cities, for a relatively cheap price.)
Spitfire, who was currently in the main machine room at the time,
grabbed and shook a crystal, and then called out to the worke
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Team Pentagon, War Poem by TP-Night Team Pentagon, War Poem :icontp-night:TP-Night 1 0
Cloudsdale Reunion - Chapter 11
Cloudsdale Reunion
Chapter 11
Technical Difficulties
* * *
Rusty, Torch, Misty and Mist looked at the large machine room,
eyes wide.
Rusty was the first to speak. "Okay folks, we... have a lot to do.
That, lady and gentlecolts, is a Class C Generator, Model T-800,
and heavily customized. Which means, we're gonna have a lot of work
if we're shutting this down manually."
Mist looked at the brothers with a questioning expression on his face.
"How much, exactly? And is there anything myself or miss Misty can do to help?
If so, you need only ask."
"Well no offense, but I think it's best if you leave the tinkering to us.
Then again, you can assist is by getting tools and such for us."
"Very well, so be it." Mist replied, and sat down in wait for orders.
Misty Fly sat down next to him, while the brothers went up to the machine.
"Let's see what we got here..." Torch said, as he opened up a maintenance hatch
on the sid
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Flutter Ghost - 2017 Remake by TP-Night Flutter Ghost - 2017 Remake :icontp-night:TP-Night 3 16 Then Vs Now 2014-2017 by TP-Night Then Vs Now 2014-2017 :icontp-night:TP-Night 3 0
Cloudsdale Reunion - Chapter 10
Cloudsdale Reunion
Chapter 10
All Hail Breaks Loose
* * *
Rainbow sped through Cloudsdale, checking off each location one by one.
For the most-part, they were all good. No injuries, just mild chocks and a
few ponies were scared, but kept calm by the others in the room.
However, in one of the last safe buildings, Rainbow met a few ponies
she did not want to meet right now. Or ever.
The spoiled, rich snobs and their bratty, equally spoiled kids.
The self-proclaimed Elite of the city, High-class business-ponies
with egos bigger than the Canterlot Mountain.
One of them, an elderly mare dressed in what looked like a very expensive dress,
approached Rainbow as she landed.
"Young lady! I demand to be moved away from this dreadful place!
It is dirty, and full of lower-class citizens. I simply can not be seen socializing with
these... workers!" She waved a hoof at a group of ponies as she finished her rant.
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Cloudsdale Reunion - Chapter 9
Cloudsdale Reunion
Chapter 9
* * *
Misty Fly and Mist departed from the Headquarters, and split up almost
immediately after exiting the building via Spitfires office window.
Mist flew south, toward where ever the entrance was to those tunnels.
Meanwhile, Misty Fly flew north-west, back to the factory, to find technicians.
As she landed at the factory area, the manager approached her.
"So what, can ya help us?" The relatively large stallion asked in a deep voice.
"Yeah, the plan is to find the old access tunnels and cut the main power source
for the factory area completely. We've got a guy who says he knows where
one of the old entrances are, and he's off checking it now. Plan B is to enter by force.
We know where the tunnels are, Spitfire has the old Cloudsdale blueprints from
when the city-cloud itself was constructed centuries ago, and newer maps to show
the current city. Anyway, to do this we'll need to borrow a couple o
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New Year 2017 by TP-Night New Year 2017 :icontp-night:TP-Night 1 5
Cloudsdale Reunion - Chapter 8
Cloudsdale Reunion
Chapter 8
* * *
Just three minutes later, Rainbow landed in front of the Wonderbolt HQ building,
and to her surprise, Mist was already standing there.
"How'd you get here before me?!" She asked in surprise.
"Oh, I... Know a couple of short-cuts, and I am pretty fast myself, so..."
"But I took short-cuts too, and I'm the fastest pony in this city!"
"Well, I guess my sort-cuts were shorter.. And keep in mind, I left the
school area before you did, I saw you still talking to that weather pony when
I left the ground. So I would say I had maybe a half-minute or so head start.
In any case, we do not have time to discuss that now, we have more pressing matters.
Shall we enter the Headquarters? Do we... Do we need to knock or something, or
can we just barge in unannounced due to the current events?"
"Just go inside, I'm a reserve member, so I'm practically part of the 'Bolts."
"Right, the R
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Cloudsdale Reunion - Chapter 7
Cloudsdale Reunion
Chapter 7
* * *
An hour later, at the ice cream shop just outside the mall,
Rainbow and the rest of the team sat down, all with their ice creams and coffee cups.
They were celebrating the victory over Class D earlier.
Fluttershy had joined them too, as she had nothing better to do,
and she had been one of their main supporters.
"That was awesome!" Rainbow said as they sat down.
"Yeah!" Thunderlane agreed, and raised his hoof for a hoofbump,
which Rainbow replied to by raising her own and bumping his.
Even Gilda looked happier than usual, as she and Tia argued about who had
the best ice cream.
"Obviously strawberry is the best." Tia said.
"Pff, classic vanilla beats every other flavor!" Gilda exclaimed in faked anger.
Everypony laughed.
Crescent had a thoughtful look on his face, and Fluttershy was the first to notice.
"What's on your mind?" she asked.
"Huh?" he said, snapping
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Story Poll (Read this journal for info -…

2 deviants said Ghost-themed Comedy (Title not decided)
1 deviant said Twilight Nation
No deviants said Rari-3



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SO, during this week I'll be thinking a bit about what to do and how to do it, and start Weekly Journals around weekend.
And most likely make my weekly journals Weekend journals, because I have the most available time to actually DO them
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NEW POLL IS UP, Regarding my next Story Project. Now, for some information.

I will, from now on, Always keep TWO story projects active, and switch between them. This is for burnout purposes, 
as I feel myself getting less motivated when I focus completely on ONE project. I need to split my focus between two
different ones to maximize motivation.

SO, "Cloudsdale Reunion" will still remain active, and from now on be nicknamed "Project A",
and will be my "main story". 

Meanwhile, I will ALSO be working on "Project B", a secondary story. 

"Project A" will always be my main stories, and usually the longer ones, or entire series like now. Basically anything 5 chapters or longer.
"Project B" will be the shorter stories, one-shots, spin-offs, bonus stories, and that sort of thing. Anything 4 Chapters or Less.

NOW, To the Poll - Which story do you want first?

Here are your options:

1 - Ghost Comedy (NOT final title)
Ponyville gets overrun by ghosts. But rather than being scared, like they SHOULD be... the ponies react differently.

2 - Rari-3
Rarity overworks herself, and gets the brilliant idea to use the Mirror Pond to make a pair of clones.
Obviously SHE has better self-control than Pinkie, so there’s NO WAY this could go wrong...

3 - Twilight Nation 
Twilight decides that, now that she’s a Princess with a castle, She needs her own kingdom...
By convincing the Royal Sisters to let her turn Ponyville from a town to a sovereign state.

Poll stays up until FRIDAY 30th. Find it here on my front page -

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